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"Wisdom strengthens a wise man more than ten rulers who are in a city."

--Ecclesiastes 7:19




The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD has anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.

--Isaiah 61:1

Prayer:The Vehicle of Delivery & Blessing

Jesus said, “My house shall be called the house of prayer for all nations.” Mark 11:17
Prayer is implementing your faith just as much as opening a safe is the accessing of a great treasure!
Prayers of faith are a vehicle of delivery & blessing, just as your car delivers you to the doorstep of your destination or carries what you need back to you from afar.
What do we pray for? The Will of God to come to pass. What God has promised is the Will of God in general. What He has prophesied is the Will of God specifically.
Tips for praying:
1. Just do it!
2. Plan your prayer and pray your plan!
3. Journal your prayer life!
4. Take your bible into the prayer closet!
5. Never postpone prayer!
6. Pray the promise, not the problem!
7. Listen as much as you speak!
8. Expect the miraculous!
9. Be audacious in your praying!
10. Be humble and contrite in your heart, mind, and body!
Remember that praying people are empowered to accomplish mighty things on the Earth. They release the Will and purposes of God into the atmosphere of the Earth, just as clouds release rain upon the dry ground.
Become and remain a prayer champion for Christ.
–Pastor Ken Koontz



  • We need to LOOSE as much as we bind!
  • We are in a time of ACCELERATION! There is a supernatural release of God happening RIGHT NOW. This is a set time when what God has spoken is RELEASED in your life.
  • We are not barren, but OVERFLOWING!
  • The PRODIGALS are coming home! We need to create an environment where prodigals can come home and we simply welcome them back.
  • Moving forward from this day we will live and walk in a level of FREEDOM we have not yet known!

Claim it, people!


We're delighted to welcome back Pastors Duane & Sherry Hicks and their children, Aundi & Aiden, and Worship Leader AJ Warren & his wife, Chelsey, from Abundant Life Church (ALC) in Samson, Alabama.

AJ will be leading us in worship and Duane will bring the Word / prophetic ministry.

Be sure to give them a NorthGate welcome!

Hearing truth helps us grow in faith!


My words direct my life.

God is on my side-I can't be beaten!

I am a leader. I have great ideas and God makes me powerful.

When I speak truth, my faith grows, and I become who God made me to be.



What a great joy it has been to volunteer at Community VBS this week! Hungry children were well-fed, both physically and spiritually. The Bible lessons and music had definite impact that showed in the children's eagerly-asked questions and worship participation. The gentleman running the games this year was so patient with the kids-lots of teamwork-promoting games with children of different races and backgrounds working together to achieve goals. Loved seeing how young minds went about working out whatever issue they were solving. Lots of laughter all the way around! They enjoyed the crafts more this year too (that's direct commentary from the kids).

I appreciated the opportunity to be a part of VBS, much of which led to children coming to accept Jesus as their Savior or beginning to know him better, taking another step forward into discipleship. Being there blessed me every bit as much as being there blessed the kids. Getting to know people and building relationships with folks from several other churches is a first step towards building His unity in our city. How awesome is that! We're moving forward in faith!

Blessings to you all,



Declarations help build our faith!

  • My prayers are powerful!
  • God loves to provide for me.
  • I am FREE from sin and ALIVE in Him!
  • My health gets better every day.
  • God has supernatural protection for me.
  • Because God is with me, the people around me experience His love and power.
  • My family is blessed.
  • I recognize and LAUGH at the devil's lies.


  • We will NOT let our circumstances be our Holy Spirit!
  • 500 men will be here as disciples!
  • There are healings and healing ministry from this House!
  • We see chains on the ground!
  • We are making disciples of all nations and people leading them into the abundance of Jesus Christ!
  • Children are being raised up here in Christ, having godly influence and becoming leaders in business and other areas!
  • We EXPECT revival!

Blessings to you today!


May you see UP CLOSE what other generations only saw in the distance.

May you speak OUT LOUD what other generations only dared to whisper.

May you LAY HOLD of with your hands what other generations only touched in prayer.


You are NOT for death & destruction.

You are DISCIPLES taught of the Lord & great is your peace & undisturbed composure.

You will RISE UP & GO from Strength to Strength & Glory to Glory.

--from Moms of Men, The Naked Truth of Raising Boys

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